Recipe: My-Family-Thinks-I'm-A-Chef Open Faced Sandwich

September 16, 2016

 If you're like us, you are always looking for healthy (or at least semi-healthy) meals that don't break the bank or take up too much of your precious family time in prep.  I actually enjoy cooking and consider myself a foodie, but this is a meal that takes little to no cooking skill, about 10 minutes of prep and 10 minutes of cooking, and is healthy and delicious to boot!  

5 of the 6 food groups in this sandwich!



-Your favorite bread (I use Rosemary & Olive Oil Focaccia)

-Spring Mix Salad

-Precooked Grilled Chicken Strips (you can find these in the deli or in the frozen section)

-Balsamic Vinegar

-Olive Oil

-Roasted Red Peppers (you will need to slice these up)

-Provolone Cheese (or any other cheese you love)

-fresh sliced mushrooms


Cookware required: 1 baking pan, 1 small bowl, 1 frying pan





You can modify this ingredient list to include whatever you'd like on your sandwich.  When we first started making this we just did the roasted red peppers and later added the mushrooms because why not.  Sometime we get a little wild hair a go with muenster cheese.  You really can't go wrong!  And did I say how simple it is?  No need to measure anything!  Just eyeball what you think will fit on your slices of bread and if you happen to have some left overs you can munch on them as an appetizer.  My kids love the left over mushrooms and chicken!


Here are the simple steps:


1. Cut bread, brush with olive oil, and broil in the oven until lightly toasted (approx. 5 min but keep an eye on it).

2. While bread is toasting, saute mushrooms and chicken in frying pan over medium heat with a tiny splash of olive oil until the mushrooms are tender.  Keep in mind the chicken is precooked so you are only heating it.

3. Toss spring mix salad in a bowl with a splash of olive oil and a splash of balsamic vinegar.  Just like you would dress a salad.

4.  Start building your sandwich (see picture).  Salad first (it's okay if it's overflowing; the melty cheese will hold everything together! Yummmm!).  Then chicken, mushrooms, red peppers, and top with cheese slices.  

5. Broil in the oven until cheese is nice and melty (about 5 minutes).  I like my cheese to be a little browned in places.  


The final product is nothing short of AH-mazing!  It is a very filling sandwich with lots food groups already included, but if you are really hungry, you can serve this with your favorite side (fries, potato chips, another veggie).  I'm currently 26 weeks pregnant and one of these fills me up!  

Takes about 10 min in prep and 10 in cooking, clean up is a breeze, and I don't feel the guilt of feeding my family pizza or cereal for dinner.  LOL!




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Recipe: My-Family-Thinks-I'm-A-Chef Open Faced Sandwich

September 16, 2016

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