Gossip?....No, Not I!

September 30, 2016

I have been so intrigued by this little gem we picked up recently.  After lots of research, I have found that this is a 1940's Gossip Bench (or telephone table as some call them).  I prefer gossip bench because it evokes a very specific image in my mind.  I can just envision my grandmother, as a child (pictured right), playing nearby while her mother sat on one of these benches in her cinched waste, knee length dress chit-chatting with a friend.  Way before cell phones and text messages, Facebook and Twitter.  A time when things were simple and you had to actually go sit for a while next to the one connection in your home to have a conversation by telephone.  


Here is another picture of my lovely grandmother and her mother on Grandma's wedding day in 1961.  By the 60's many households would have owned a telephone and they were still using and producing these gossip benches then.  


When we saw this bench, it was in need of a good cleaning, some polishing, a few minor repairs, and a fabric change.  (The fabric was some hideous something from the 80s).  We decided on a quatrefoil pattern in a classic navy and white, mimicking the decorative cutouts in the back of the bench. I have had a really hard time considering the day we will part with this, but alas the time has come.  To purchase this antique gem, visit our online store here.




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